Alohlouya (RRP Eligible)

Alohlouya post parade

Chestnut Gelding (Girolamo – Almost SMA by Cure The Blues)

RRP Eligible


Alohlouya is a tall, handsome gelding who came into the HART program 9/22/2021. After 21 starts, a (2,1,1) race record and $55,785 in total earnings Alohlouya was no longer showing enthusiasm for being a racehorse so his connections decided it was time for a second career.

Our HART trainer, Amanda had been searching for a horse to train for the Retired Racehorse Project (RRP).  When she arrived at the track to pick up Alohlouya it was serendipity. Amanda fell in love with the striking dark chestnut gelding who was perfect for her even though he was not at all what she had been searching for. We wish them all the best on their journey to compete at RRP October 2022!