All persons interested in adopting a horse from HART are required to complete this application in full.

Once completed, All adopters must be 21 or older and financially and physically able to provide the proper care to the adopted horse. If under 21, please include parent or guardian information to the personal and financial sections.

If you would prefer a written application instead of an online one, please download and fill out our adoption questionnaire.

IMPORTANT: This online questionnaire cannot be suspended and returned to at a later date. It is highly recommended that you save your answers to these questions in a document elsewhere in the event that any issues arise or you don’t have time to complete this application, as this is a lengthy questionnaire.

Adoption Questionnaire

Personal Info

Contact Info

Financial Info

Horse Experience & History

Have you ever owned a horse before? *
Do you currently own a horse? *
Are you considering a mare for breeding purposes? *
Do you have experience with breeding and foaling? *

You and Your Potential Adoption Horse

Are you willing to change your discipline goals to suit your adopted horse's needs? *
How would you rate your riding ability? *

Boarding or Private Facility Info

Do you live at the facility? *
Do you currently board at this facility, or have you in the past? *

Care & Feeding Info


Adoption Contract

Does the manager/owner of the facility in which the horse will kept understand that they do not have the right to refuse our coming onto their facility unannounced per the adoption contract to verify a horse's wellbeing, and if HART is not satisfied with the care of the horse we would use our right to reclaim said horse to our immediate care and control? *
Do you understand that our adoption agreement is a two-year commitment? (Adopters may not sell the adopted horse during that first year. If the adopter cannot or does not wish to continue to care for the adopted horse during that first year, HART must be notified, and the program will help find a solution, whether arrangements are made to transfer the adoption to another adopter approved by HART, the horse is placed on HART's website, or returned to the program) *
Do you understand and agree to submit both written and visual updates on the adopted horse three, six, and twelve months post-adoption? (All updates must include the horse's location, feeding info, how and what the horse has been doing, and clear, good quality body photos without tack or blanket) *
Do you understand that once all three updates have been submitted, the adopter is legally allowed to sell the adopted horse after the one-year commitment only on the condition that HART is given right of first refusal for either the original adoption price or the amount being offered for sale to the prospective new owner's? Also, HART is given full contact information prior to the sale for the new owner, and in addition that the horse's adoption contract is to remain with the horse until it dies? *
Do you understand and agree that the adopted horse is never, under any circumstances, to be sold at any auction, to a horse dealer, or to the Amish? (HART reserves the right to pursue legal action towards the adopter should this occur) *
Have you read HART's return policy? Please not that it can take some time for a horse to be returned to the program. Returns are taken in as space is available, although exceptions may apply in the case of emergency *