Downies Hip (RRP Eligible)

Downies Hip Head

Dark Bay Gelding (Cape Canaveral – Renaissance Woman by Deputy Minister)


Downies Hip is a handsome, sweet guy who came into the HART program 7/12/2021. He sustained a knee injury 6/25/2021 after 9 starts at 3 different tracks with a (0,1,2) race record.

Downies Hip had some fragments removed from both knees but there was limited damage to the carpal joints and the veterinarian believes he has a favorable prognosis for a full recovery! His rehab has been happily uneventful and Downies Hip will be cleared to return to work mid-October. Look for updates on our HART FB page to see Downies Hip under saddle as we explore the second career options he is suitable for.

Downies Hip R Front

For more info, contact Amanda Towery at (515) 408-5145 or