Irish Contessa (RRP Eligible)

Irish Contessa head

Bay mare (Captain Countdown – Irish Amante by Irish Open)


Irish Contessa is a beautiful mare that came into the HART program 10/3/2022 after sustaining a bowed tendon in her final race 9/29/2022. Prior to the injury Irish Contessa had a successful racing career completing 34 starts, with a (6,10,4) record and $57,744 in earnings at 6 different racetracks.

Irish Contessa will be on stall rest while the tendon heals. Our veterinarian will then follow-up with an ultrasound to ensure healing is complete before Irish Contessa is cleared to slowly return to work. Updates will be posted as her rehab progresses.

For more info, contact Amanda Tranquillo at (515) 408-5145 or

Irish Contessa right side