Tough Tatum

Tough Tatum

Bay Filly (Quien – Tough Ripples, by Good And Tough)

Tough Tatum is a sweet bay filly who won her last race impressively. Unfortunately, she sustained a LF sesamoid fracture in that race and came into the HART program 7/18/2019. Tough Tatum completed more than 20 months of stall rest to give her ankle time to heal. We are thrilled with her progress and how great she is doing! Her ankle has healed beautifully and she is a lovely mover.

Tough Tatum is now on small turnout and a slow introduction to work on the ground (March 2021). She is doing well and enjoying the freedom to move at long last. She has a lovely disposition and has grown into a tall, gorgeous filly! Pretty soon we’ll find out what the possibilities are for a second career.

For more info, contact Amanda Towery at (515) 408-5145 or

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